Who are we?
We are Samsung Electronics Baltics and we are the organizers of the Solve For Tomorrow program.

What is personal data?
Personal data is any information, that can identify you. This could be your name, your email address or a picture of you.

What data are we collecting as part of the Solve For Tomorrow program?
As a part of the program, we collect the names, age, school, email address and phone numbers of program participants.

Why are we collecting this data?
We collect this information to implement the program. During the program we need to contact you about the various stages of the program. In addition, we need to collect this data to ensure, that all participants are taking part of the program according to the terms of the Solve For Tomorrow program.

How do we store this data?
This information is stored on the program webpage solvefortomorrowbaltics.com.

How is this data used and who has access to it?
Nobody, other than the organizers of the program have access to it and it will not be used for any other purpose other than the organization and implementation of the program.

How do we use your submissions?
Your submitted works will be used by the jury of the program to evaluate the different submissions into the program. The materials you submit can also be used in media communication, to showcase to the wider public the different ideas youth have come up with as part of the program.